Very First Post (o;

hiSo as with all first posts I’ll announce I’m a newbie to the blogosphere. I imagine it’ll take a while to find my voice, learn the ropes and start running but for now I’ll take baby steps.

I’m a writer, an occasional runner and a registered nurse by profession. My writing has taken the form of one novel (currently 2nd draft), a number of short stories (1 published on-line with 2 more in the pipline) and 2 new novel length projects at the rough draft stages.

This blog came about through writing and my research to improve my skill-set. A fantastic book called ‘Write.Publish.Repeat’ spurred me on to do it, so here I am.

Coming from a background which had nothing to do with fiction writing in any shape or form I hope to give a new point of view on the writing process. I’ve no formal education in the field nor have I had mentoring, it’s just me throwing words into my computer with the hope something takes shape.

Well, I hope to update as often as I can with info and tidbits from the novice writers world.




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