Scrivener… a software program that’ll change your writing for the better

Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting my hands dirty with scrivener… and I’m loving it. In case you don’t know what scrivener is, well it’s the greatest piece of software I’ve used while writing. It is a word processor, story board generator, ebook compiler and so much more. If you haven’t come across it, read the post below and follow the links provided. You won’t be disappointed.

I’ve read about it online plenty of times before but never bothered to download it. This is partly because I use PC and not Mac. Yes, there are a few of us out there. It was developed originally for the Mac but the the good people of Literature & Latte have not only developed a program for windows but worked out most of the bugs too making it the Mac version twin sibling.

The software itself is immense, there’s literally hundreds of ways to manipulate your document and prepare it for whatever it is you want to do with it whether it’s publish it in ebook format or send it off to agents and publishing houses. It’s great for that. As a novice in the art of preparing manuscripts and short stories any help is appreciated.

What really struck me though was the level of control you have over your stories. You can format your novel, novelette or even short story into scene’s and thereby given the opportunity move them around without cumbersome cutting and pasting. You can add lots of extra info such as scene descriptions, character development points and plot points which can be searched for later. One aspect I’m loving is having all your research sitting in a drop down window underneath your story which is easily accessible if you need a little extra memory boost for your characters or locations.

I’m a numbers kind of person too and I like to know how much I’ve done and how much there is to go. With Scrivener you can give yourself a target word count for your total project/story and even a target word count for your individual writing sessions. It has motivated me ridiculously well since I started using this feature.

Now I know other programs can do these things as well but there is a reason so many writers use scrivener and I can certainly see why. Each person will find what they love about it as I have. You can download it for a thirty day free trial and if you enjoy it, the whole thing costs $40 USD which is a bargain in my books.

Here are a few links to reviews on Scrivener:- (the PC and Mac version are supposed to be near identical, but I haven’t used the Mac version)

CNET (Mac version)



At the moment I am using Scrivener to write ‘The Vanishing’ and MS Word to write the second draft of ‘Consequence’ and first draft of ‘Waste’… I reckon you can guess which experience I would recommend more.



  1. I like it too! I’m using the Mac version and I’m only scratching on the surface and still in the process of learning all the different things this software can do for me/help me with.


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