Questioning Motivation: A double sided coin

Recently I’ve be thinking about why it is I write, what my motivation is?

It is an exercise I enjoy both as a hobby and an aspiring author. It can be a cathartic experience to throw words onto a page, seeing how they come together to form a story or thought. As an aspiring author I find it a little tougher. Not only am I trying to fulfill the hobbyist writer inside of me but I’m trying to progress my writing on a professional ground too. The hobbyist in me cares little for success in writing where as the author wants to see others enjoy the fruits of my labor and if lucky get published.

This leads me to consider my motivation. Why do I write? Is it money, fame, notoriety, recognition or to entertain. Finding your way in a creative field is a tough gig I’ve found. Rejection is swift and frequent yet most of us persevere and some of us make it to the isle of publishing.

My goal is to somehow combine the one side of me who simply enjoys writing, wants to create characters and worlds from nothing. There is a kind of magic here, being able to create from nothing, using only an active imagination and the ability to communicate through words. This side of me feels liberated, free to chose and do whatever I want whenever I want. The other side of me feels a little less liberated maybe even incarcerated. The other side of me looks to see what’s hot, what could be hot, how I can conform to the writing market as it stands. I scour the web looking for advice to meet the demands of agents, publishing houses and even how best to fit in with the indie publishing scene. This is the aspiring author in me. The aspiring author wants to be a professional which is why it’s my first and most vocal critic of everything I write. As an aspiring author I want to be a successful writer, a published author but this want has a way of taking away some of the enjoyment of writing and creating. There is a happy balance between the two but I haven’t found it yet.

What motivates you to write?


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