Short Story Published: Kindness Repaid

I’m all smiles at the moment because another short story of mine has been published. I must again thank Michael C. And Joan M. Pennington for kindly placing my story among the amazing short stories to be found on their literary journal of science fiction and fantasy, Aurora Wolf.

I wrote this story after I came home from work one night following a busy shift. To get to where I live, I have to climb an old stone staircase. Laying in front of the stair care was a dark object of about adult size. It was dark and I couldn’t make out what it was so being a nurse I ran over to it thinking the worst. It turned out to be a couple of black bin liners filled with old clothes. My hero moment was dashed. I felt a little silly, thankfully nobody was there to see me but it got me thinking. That thought became ‘Kindness Repaid’. You can find it by clicking on the link here Kindness Repaid.

The artwork in this post is kindly provided by Michael C. Pennington.

If you find time to have a look then I truly hope you enjoy it.


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