New Short Story to be Published Soon

A short story I wrote over a year ago has just been chosen to appear in a new horror anthology called ‘Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers: volume I I ‘, published by Horrified Press.

My story is called ‘Darkness’. It’s a psychological horror where my main character Ryan deals with the torment of his inner demons. It follows his life’s fear and how they shape the man we meet in the end of the story.

The story came to me one night after I woke up and could swear something was standing at the end of the bed. It was a dark shadowy outline looming, staring, back lit by a pale moon. I politely used a couple of expletives, loudly (being Irish this comes all too naturally). My wife told me to shut up…from where she was standing at the end of the bed after grabbing a midnight glass of water. See we moved into a new apartment and being new I wasn’t used to it yet. Disorientation and midnight sudden wake ups makes everything look ominous. Don’t they! Gladly we don’t live there anymore and my bedroom is in complete darkness, no creepy moon light thanks to black out curtains. No more looming spouses to scary me anymore… just freaky noises in pitch black darkness.

Well that’s my story of the story. I’ll pop a post up when ‘Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers: volume I I’ comes out online and in print. The first volume can be purchased from amazon, paperback, ebook and Barnes and Noble by clicking on the various links provided.



  1. One time I woke up and thought some brown “alien thingy” was laying next to me (you know, like those facehuggers in the Alien movies). It took a whole ten seconds for me to realize that it was just my kitty…I don’t think she ever understood why I footed her out of the bed. Opps :(! Anyway, congratulations on your short story!


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