To Blog or To Write, that is the question… or To Tweet

When do you choose to Blog and when do you choose to Write.

Since starting my blog I’ve enjoyed it immensely. It’s a fantastic was to publish your thoughts, help others using your own experiences and make contact with some great people but I seem to be struggling with choosing Blogging or Writing (by writing I mean working on my novel and short stories). I enjoy both activities equally… and now with Twitter slowly becoming another favourite… what to do, what to do?

My strategy has been to dedicate one hour to my blog at the start of my writing session and one hour at the end, hopefully with two hours of working on my novel and short stories in the middle. It’s working, mostly but still in the experimental stages!

So, to my question, How do others out there slice up their time between Writing, Blogging and social media?



  1. I bounce back and forth between the story and internet. I don’t really have a fixed schedule or a rule that allows me a certain amount of time.

    Maybe I’m just trying to justify my internet addiction now, but I really believe that I’m processing my thoughts regarding the story while I’m online. When I’m deep into the writing, I anyway don’t feel any urge to check out blogs or e-mail. I just want to write. So when my mind wanders off towards wordpress, it’s because I’m not fully engaged in the story anyway…perhaps I need a break to sort my thoughts.


  2. I have to balance between writing, blogging, studying, and social media. It can become one serious headache! But I usually write first before I do anything else, then study, blog when I need a break from studies, finish studying, and social media towards the end of the day. It’s a hectic schedule but I feel more fulfilled if I take care of my writing at the beginning of the day.


  3. These days I focus on the story. I blog three times a week (or thereabouts) and am presently trying to write 1000 words a day around my other work. But I don’t spend more than 30 minutes on a blog post. Good luck with your system!


  4. I make one post a week, which usually takes me a couple of hours to write and stick up. The rest of the week I check out my wordpress, blogs I follow and Freshly Pressed first thing in the morning and then at the end of the day. I might make a tweet or retweet something at the same time. The rest of the time is spent on writing and organising my household. My trouble is, I have my fingers in too many pies!


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