The Story Spiral

I thought the graphic was pretty nice to follow

The Sky Thief



A forum I frequent posted this today during a discussion about character building and keeping motivations intact throughout your novel. It’s a great reminder of the “essentials” to a great story. No matter how many words, plot twists, purple prose, etc. you have in your book, it really can’t survive on its own without the five mentioned above.

I’d like to focus on the fifth one, though, because I feel that it is, ultimately, the most important: you have to keep your reader entertained. At the end of the day, even for books bound within real-world circumstances, readers want to escape. It is why people ultimately pick up books.

Yes, there are other factors that can be included in that! Some books do have statements about our society. Some people do pick up books in order to learn something. However, those readers will only continue to read those books…

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