What I’m Currently Working On

current project
So I thought I’d mention a little of what I’m currently working on and the process I’m using to to go about it. Lately, I’ve really enjoyed finding posts on projects people are currently working on. A lot of nanowrimo stuff going on out there as well as a myriad of other things people are getting stuck into.

My Current Project:

A novel called ‘The Vanishing’. It’s a working title which may or may not change. It’s a suspense/thriller story. The theme I’ve gone for is loss and how people grow beyond it or not. It involves a Father and daughter dealing with the loss of their wife/mother. I explore how their relationship has changed as a result. I also have a detective who has recently lost his partner to retirement. He’s never had to stand alone before while solving a case and I explore his personal journey through it. Both of these stories will come into contact eventually but I don’t want to give much away (because I only have a little of what’s going to happen in my own head).

My Process:

This is the first time I’ve written down a rough plot line and theme, or at least what I loosely define as a theme (o:
I wrote the start of the story down with pen and paper as well as some plot points and an ending. How I move between these plot point I’ve no idea. Next I got the bare bones of some of my characters down with pen and paper. There were six to begin with, the main one’s I wanted to fit in somewhere. As I write I, I keep coming up with more, mainly minor characters. I’m really moving from point to point through the characters. The more story I write the more characters enter and they seem to want to do their own thing. All I seem to be saying is, “Would they do that.”
It’s more structure then I’m normally used to but I’m enjoying it so much more.
Another thing I’m doing which is really working for me,is fixing mistakes as I go alone. I used to only fix up the spelling errors that spell check found and leave it at that until second draft. This time I’ve been reading through my work a couple of time’s, fixing spelling, grammar and sentence structure before giving what I’ve done to a beta reader. It’s working out well for me as I’m producing cleaner work as a result and my beta reader is giving me some great feedback regarding what to change, add or take out in the second draft.

Target Word Count:

I’m writing the bulk of it during camp nanowrimo so will hopefully have 50 – 60 thousand words of the first draft, completed by end of April. There’s possibly another 20 – 25 thousand words after that, roughly judging by the words I have written and the chapter’s I left to write.

Next Project:

Well if this one goes to plan, I’ll have something ready by June. I know that’s a stretch but I’m going to bust myself to get there. When that’s done I don’t think I’ll write for a week, at least. After some R & R I’ll hit camp nanowrimo in July and fix up my first manuscript, ‘Consequence’ which I completed way back in June 2013. There is a lot to fix, possibly just have to write a new first draft. It’s funny to see how far your writing can come along in a year.

Well that’s me from now until June.



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