My Motivation: It’s Gone Missing

OK, when a motivational funk hits, how do you pull yourself out of it? 

Words and motivation have escaped me the last 48 hours, just can’t seem to find it anywhere? On a lighter note the Hemingway app rated me higher then Hemingway… I’ve made it Hooray!! Yeah right :op

So, back to the above how do you pull yourself out of the depths of the dreaded unmotivated funk?



  1. Hilarious– I’m reading this post of yours *after* I replied to you about motivation over on my post comments! Motivation shmotivation… I haven’t posted yet today, maybe I’ll write about that 😛 Facebook is my worst distraction. Oh yeah, and kids. My darned kids keep needing to be fed and stuff. LOL


  2. I always read through the previous chapters to the one I’m working on from the beginning into a digital recorder. Then play it back listening to where it flows and where the words jar. Then these are the sentences I work on. I find this helps me to get my mojo back, and I can move the story on.


  3. Hey David!

    When I’m unmotivated to write, I take my laptop and get away from desk (and distracting TV). Sometimes I sit at the park, sometimes I hangout in the food court at the mall, sometimes I set-up shop at a table in a restaurant. Regardless, it tends to get me out of my funk and my keyboard heats up. 🙂

    Good luck!

    JC Gatlin, Fellow Author


  4. I just answered this question on BTW, thanks for following. Check it out under “The Importance of MRUs”. I love your blog. I’m now a faithful follower.


  5. Sometimes I get out of a funk by engaging in some other type of creative outlet. Say I’m in a funk with art and writing, maybe I’ll try some kind of craft, or do something musical. If I can get inspired in one creative area, sometimes it spills over into the others. Following a creative pursuit with a friend also sometimes helps .


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