Week 3 of camp Nanowromo and a nice story arc

camp nanowrimo

Week 3 of camp nanowrimo. This was a good week, a feverish week of writing. I managed to finish off on 29,000 words overall… that leaves 21,000 to go in 9 days. I’m going to have to put my hands through rigorous torture but I reckon they’ll thank me for it in the future.

My exposition is done and dusted which means I’m making inroads into the rising action. A number of events have led and will lead to the climax which I’m hoping will be around the 50k word mark. Fingers crossed this happens sometime over the next week and a half (o;

Here’s a pretty nice story arc I use. It’s simple but keeps me aiming in the right direction, constantly building tension until that moment when it all goes pop and the resolution begins.
story arc

Well I guess it’s onward and upward to week 4, the last week… and 21,000 words.. ha! (o:



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