Writing: What’s been working

OK, so I’ve been pretty quiet lately on the Blogging front and any other online activities for two reasons. One is a string of shifts in work, but that’s really boring. Nobody wants to hear about what pays the bills. The other thing though is pretty good, it been writing my novel ‘The Vanishing.’ The title needs to change because of a less then awesome Kiefer Sutherland movie of the same title, sorry Jack Bauer.

So, more of the second reason. I’ve really hit my straps with this book and I’ve been loving it. My process is wildly different from how I’ve written anything else before. Not only have I gotten much quicker but my writing it much cleaner too. My spelling mistakes are a lot less then they used to be and my sentence construction seems to flow nicely. Countless times would I reread what I wrote only to stop midway because I found my writing jarring. My wife has been the long suffering spouse who has had to read many terrible rough drafts and occasionally smile if only for my fragile writers ego. Sorry /o:

My word count has magically and mysteriously shot up. It’s kind of scary because I used to struggle ridiculously (Adverb alert) to get more than a few hundred out but now words want to flow. During the month of April I hit 9,000 words in one day. If scrivener didn’t confirm it I wouldn’t have believed it.

So why has this change occurred? Well I have not a clue but I’ll take a stab at it anyway. Firstly I’m written a crime novel. It’s my first attempt at this genre. I always thought I’d always want to be a horror writer but there you go. I researched what I needed but I still need to research a little more to ensure it makes sense. Some awesome resources online have helped me with this, as well as a fellow blogger JC Gatlin. So thanks to him for that those great blogs on crime in general. The other motivator was camp nanowrimo. I’ve read nanowrimo bashing online, wondering why people needed it to motivate their writing and I couldn’t disagree more with this. I think people use it as a proverbial kick up the backside to get those words out. So maybe I agree a little then but it’s such a fantastic movement that you feel part of something bigger and there’s a certain power in that. I was afraid I wouldn’t follow up after April but to my surprise I have (o:

The next thing I can think of is blogging. I’ve met some great people online who’s experiences have enriched my writing greatly. I’ve tried to contribute to their blogs and pop whatever little I know onto my own. I started this blog on March 22nd and since then I’ve written 70,500 words without including my blog posts. This has to say something. Blogging is a powerful tool in many ways. I’m starting to realize that more and more.

During the month of April I’ve also been listening to the self publishing podcast by Johnny B Truant, Sean Platt and David Wright. This is not only for those who self publish or are thinking of going down that route, it’s for anybody who writes or wants to write. I found them by reading ‘Write.Publish.Repeat’ by the same authors, also an amazing resource for any writer. Through this book I came across their podcast and then their fiction which is great genre fiction. I’ve learned a lot from them which I’ve tried implementing into my own writing process. They have a positive attitude towards the craft and believe with hard work and great effort that most people who want to be writers, can be writers.

So the month of May will be my ‘finish the project month’ as I attempt to lay first draft to rest and rocket into second draft. I’ve an editor booked for July 4th and I’d like to be placing the final touches to my third draft by then… hopefully.

So, how has your April gone? Have you done anything differently that has given your writing a kind of a kick start?



  1. Great post. It’s really nice to read about your progress. Wish you all the best for the month of May! And it looks like you’ve included some great resources which I’m surely going to explore. Great work!


  2. Congrats on all the hard work! I’m actually a little jealous right now … I’ve been so busy writing exams and moving that I haven’t had time to do much writing (really, I’m not just procrastinating!) I hope this month continues to go well for you!

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  3. Thanks for the shout out! I’m really glad to read that you’re gaining momentum. You’ve got a great voice. Looking forward to that new novel. Don’t slow down. 🙂


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