Creative Process and Creative space


I love reading about another persons creative process. Interviews with writers are always fantastic ways to peer behind the curtains at someones quirks and idiosyncrasies when creating a piece of work. Mostly I read about other writers but lately I’ve been trawling through the Internet looking at how others create. Two interesting finds I’ve come across are an interview with Nick Cave found through Austin Kleon’s website where he speaks about the documentary, ‘20,000 days on Earth’ following a day in his life the other is a article from an Australian news website regarding creative spaces and environments.

Firstly the Nick Cave interview (and if you don’t know him click here… also follow this link to a great song called ‘Red Right Hand’). I’m not a huge Nick Cave fan but have always thought he was an interesting character. His songs are almost visceral and tells a story. If you familiar with his music. Also, being that he has placed his fingers in many pies, creating music, writing novels and writing songs for others, and film scores. I thought it would be worth while sharing this interview. The one quote I think really speaks to me is,

“The artistic process seems to be mythologized quite a lot into something far greater than it actually is. It is just hard labor.”

It speaks volumes about what people think about creativity and art and what it really is. Any of us who have spent countless hours, days, weeks and months at a keyboard or with a pen and paper can attest to the reality of ‘… it is just [although not only] hard labor.’


We all hear of creative spaces and the myriad of them out there. They are subjective to the individuals needs. You shape your space and environment around who you are. To describe mine would be to say I place a laptop onto my lap, I find a comfy chair and I write. I don’t have a desk. I don’t have anything around me to motivate me or keep me busy although there are always plenty of distractions. As I’ve been an apartment dweller for most of my adult life I haven’t had the space to build a little nook where I can churn out words. Maybe one day.

This is my creative space though. I build it with a smaller list of required items but it suits me and who I am. The article, ‘How environment can boost creativity’ is well worth a read. I wouldn’t say you should follow it verbatim but it’s still an interesting read.

So, what sort of set up do you have for writing? If it looks like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s as described in the article from SBS you’ve got to let us know if it works (o;



  1. Am I the only one bothered by the lack of F’s in that “How-to” article? I kept thinking the author would tell us why at the end, like the key broke or whatever. Nonetheless, it was a very interesting read with equally fascinating research to back it up. Though I don’t think I’ll start drinking to improve creativity. I did not know how much F. Scott Fitzgerald had suffered. Dealing with all that he still managed to become a hugely successful author. What an inspiring man. BTW, did you see how many lovers his wife had? Poor guy. Great post, David.


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