Writing and Other Stuff from the Last Week

Power of Words

Last week… plus a a few days, I’ve been busy as usual and getting stuff done. Now stuff encompasses a lot, so let me get the mundane out of the way first.

New job. It’s scary as hell but good. Good people and a nice place to work, something that’ll pay the bills so all good on that front.

So, now onto writing. White noise is still awesome. I’ve become a zealot, listening to it whenever I write. Over the last few days I’ve sat down to finish off another horror short story called ‘Fresh Blood’. I’m keen to second draft and proof two other short stories I spoke off last time, ‘Christmas Tree’ and ‘New Species’. My goal was to have a total of 6 short stories written and published before Christmas. I reached that target a few week ago so stretched it out to 10. Once that’s done it’s 100% focus on getting my novel, ‘The Vanishing’ second drafted and off to the editor. Early 2015 is when I’d like to self publish that. My 1000 to 2000 words a day didn’t quite make it as work and life, as most of you know, got in the way but I’ve gotten some done and kept at it.

I’ve started Hugh Howey second of the silo series, ‘Shift’. I was apprehensive about it because I loved Wool and when I realized it was a prequel I nearly didn’t read it. I’m so glad I did though as Hugh is such a talented author and writes with such fluidity. The world of Wool it so deep with so much to learn about it, that it’s a shame it finished after 3 books but I’m sure it’s all brought to a satisfying conclusion in the last of the trilogy, ‘Dust. I’m plowing through ‘Shift’ though because I want to read ‘Gone Girl’ before I watch it at the movies. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and my wife is still raving about how much she enjoyed the book.

thank you
Also my blog has had a little growth too, with more new followers and some higher then normal visiting stats which was wonderful. So a big thank you to all who decide to read and follow, it is greatly appreciated.

Anyway, that’s all from me until next time.



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