Writing, ‘Jumping’ into Social Media again and Reading


The plunge into the Twitter (@davidjdelaney1) and Facebook (David J Delaney) pool has happened, again.

After every single blog post I’ve read on the subject or podcast I’ve watched has said the same thing, that social media is necessary and here to stay. So I’ve gotten back on the horse and decided to give it a crack again. I’ve set up my twitter account and Facebook page and will actually learn how to use them this time. Hopefully.


Now, what’s been happening? Well I’ve finally finished my Christmas Horror story, that I’ve now called, ‘Cursed Christmas’. I shaved a fair chunk from it, leaving it at 7,300 words. It’s looking for a home at the moment, like all happy little tales of terror eventually do. My editing on my Novel has hit a halt but I’ve but up 600 words of my second draft up on the blog. I thought if I send a little of it out there it would inspire me to plow through the rest (80,756 words) in no time (o:


I also started ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn. I want to read the book before I see the movie. I’m one of those people who love to know the unsaid bits that movies simply can’t cram into 2 or 3 hours of film time. I’ve only read the first 100 pages but I can safely say I love it and I completely hate it… in straight down the line, 50 / 50 measures. I’m loving the mystery element. It’s intriguing and creates a want for more but then there is the flash back chapters. These are so different to the mystery chapters I feels like I’m reading another book. It’s driving me insane but I’ve got to finish. I have to… or do I. No I have to. Not since the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ has a book caused me to be so polarised when it comes to how I feel about a book.

Gillian Flynn is a great writer and I’ll definitely pick up her other novels. I would love to have an iota of her talent. One days…

Finally, I’ve found another couple of resources people might find as helpful as I have. The first is called ‘The Horror Writers podcast’ and is a really good resource should you be following the path of the horror fiction route but the guys who run the show, J. Thorne and Richard Brown have a lot to say about writing in general. The second is another podcast called ‘The Self Publishing Round table’. There are several authors who make up the ranks of this podcast and it’s a good resource for writing, marketing and everything else that’s part and parcel of the writing game.

The last last thing I wanted to say was, looking through my book collection both physical and ebook, I’ve noticed that I own half indie, half traditional writers. It’s strange to think about it but it’s probably a reflection of the industry or where it is going… just something a little useless I considered and thought I’d share (o:



  1. I think I’m one of the few who didn’t care for Gone Girl. I read the first three chapters (the free sample) and it bored me to tears. I don’t know if I had false expectations because of the hype, but I didn’t end up buying the book. If the sample chapters can’t draw me in I figure why bother reading the rest. But now that the movie is out– the previews look amazing! So it might be time to go back and read it again. Maybe this time I’ll just buy it and suffer through the opening.


  2. I’m not going back to social media until I have work to share. Here is a better fit for me creatively as I focus on getting things finished and to find homes for them. Being a writer on social media always feels like putting the cart before the horse, especially when everyone calls themselves writers now. I am sure that you will thrive from the experience and I miss it sometimes but not so often and less as time goes by.


    • I feel the same sometimes. It’s the whole chicken or the egg scenario. Do you write something first then build a platform or build the platform then write something… It’s hard to decide. Thanks for reading.


  3. I spent a year hating the fact that I HAD to do social media, but then I started attempting to understand what it is actually for. When I realized that, my attitude about it totally changed.


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