Writing a New Book and Finishing an Old One


I hope we all had a nice Halloween! I worked )o: … but hey with Halloween fading into the past we’ve only got to look forward to Christmas (o:

Yes, the trees, presents and food have already his the stores and shopping malls here in Australia. I think the season is slowly getting longer and longer. There may be a time when we begin the celebration in September.


Now, seeing Christmas encroaching on late October’s Halloweeny dominance got me thinking.

I want to release a book by Christmas week. Yep, done and dusted and ready to roll by Christmas week. I’m not doing this to hit the NY Times best sellers list by trying to release at Christmas time because there is absolutely not a chance of that happening (maybe in a dozen books time, I wish) but I would like to have a milestone such as this around a time of year I love. So my target is Christmas week.

This has pushed my schedule into overdrive as I have decided to do NanoWriMo too. I’m not regretting any of my decisions and I am completely embracing the craziness of it all but it does leave a lot less time for anything else. NanoWriMo is my attempt at writing a multi book story. I’m looking at 6 books of around 50+ K words each. The story will follow a human vampire political saga involving murder, sabotage and political aspirations gone wrong.

I know what people will say, ‘It’s another Vampire novel’ and you’d be right but I’m trying to take a new approach with the genre. Yes, there will be a love story in it and yes, it will involve a human and a vampire but I’ve taken out any mysticism surrounding vampires and made them a little more normal. They are just different enough to stand out and that’s one of the main themes in my books… hopefully.

This story has played in my head for years and with the advent of the vampire love story genre springing up everywhere you look, I was afraid I couldn’t write it. I was afraid it was a hackneyed idea. That was until I met other writers online who had no qualms about writing the story they had in there heads, whether it contained vampires or not, as well as coming across a guy named Austin Kleon. Austin has a book called ‘Steal like an Artist’ and in it he says that there is no original ideas out there but you can take an established idea and manipulate it to your own liking.

I love this message. It inspires so much more freedom to create the art you want regardless of what’s come before it.


My vampire don’t sparkle though. That’s just weird.

Anyway. That’s Nano. My other project, operation ‘Book by Christmas’ involves my first book, ‘Consequence’. I wrote it off as terrible and didn’t want to read it again. I think I have that bleeding artist thingy whereby you can’t come to love your own creation. Now I’m a little less dramatic and a lot less eloquent about it but I do find it hard to re-read my work. That was until I gave my manuscript to my wife who really enjoyed it. Now, she had a few changes that she felt pertinent would enhance the story and when I saw what she suggested I began to love the story again. So, with the aid of my wife’s keen eye for detail and my dogged ‘words on the page’ approach, we’re hoping to have it all done and dusted by the holidays. The professional edit will be around late November and start of December.

It should be a 50 – 60 thousand word book involving paranormal mystery.

Here’s some recommended resources I used this week.

J.F. Penn’s blog
Horror writers Podcast
And but these books. At 99c they are fantastic value for such wonderful resources. Indie Authors Power Pack.

Well, that’s me and my writing life. How’s yours going? Also, how do you juggle the busy lifestyle of writing with other parts of your life, whether you do it full time or not? I’d be interested to hear how other people do it and maybe we can all learn a little on how to cope.

P.s I have a horror selfie up too, check it out (o:




  1. Well, you certainly are keeping yourself busy! Here in the US I noticed Christmas sneaking in a few weeks before Halloween, which is way too early. I admit to purchasing Christmas ornaments already but that’s because all the good ones are gone by mid- November. :-/

    I think if you are in a good writing groove pulling of NaNoWriMo along with other writing endeavors is possible. As for myself, I’ve stumbled a bit and find myself very much behind on my NaNo novel and my blog! I’m going to force myself to write this weekend, in hope of jump starting my inspiration. I think the most important part of writing is to keep writing, even when you don’t feel like it.


  2. Isn’t it interesting how seeing other people love our work gets us interested in it again? I’m the same way. I love beta rounds because they really shoot the energy back into my projects.


  3. David- Johnny B Truant’s 6 part Fat Vampire does a great job of ‘humanizing’ vampires. If you’ve not read it you might look through a couple, if you can force some time open- they are a really fun read.

    I’m looking forward to your series. The great thing about books is no matter how many times a concept has been done if its redone well it will be enjoyable.


  4. I see no problem at all writing about something that has been covered to death. I can’t stand that limitation, Vampires, zombies, time travel, etc – they are all so well trod because people LOVE to read about them. I’ve written a zombie AND a vampire story. So what? As some wise dude said in the Bible, there’s nothing new under the sun.


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