Interesting article from The Guardian about book selling industry

ebook; real book
ebook or real book

This article epitomizes the denial and ‘it’s all going to be ok’ attitude of the book selling industry.

Have a read and let me know what you think.

What I got from it was… our stores are brighter and we sell extraneous rubbish to bolster sales…. ebooks are for the unrefined (you’ll know what I mean when you read the wine and straw quote)…. and everyone’s going to read hardbacks which is so practical. It can fit snugly beside the bricks I carry around in my backpack.

I love bookstores. I’ve spent a fair bit of money in Dymocks (Australia’s biggest book store chain) and I really don’t want to see them go but this article dumbfounded me a little.



  1. I think there is a place for both formats. Sometimes, I want a real book depending on where I am reading. Stewardesses yell at me to put my “electronic device” away for most of every flight I take. Sometimes, I work in environments that prohibit my iPad. Perhaps, I’m not normal, but I frequently have need of a paper book, if I want to read.
    As to bookstores themselves, I think they switched from being bookstores to coffee shops that happened to sell books at least ten years ago. And from what I’ve seen the past couple of years, they are damn near browsing libraries that allow patrons to decide whether they want to order the book cheaper on Amazon. With that in mind, these guys seem to have a firm understanding of their business model.


    • I was reading an ebook in a cafe I love. The cafe is in a book store and for some reason I felt self conscious…. completely stupid reaction but I do love both formats and truly think there is a place for both


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