New Year Resolutions, Woohoo!!


I hope Christmas was nice, relaxing and overall fun for everyone out there and although the holiday season isn’t quite over yet, I thought it wise to think about those resolutions.

I know there are nigh on useless as they are most likely to fail but this year I’m keeping mine simple.

1. Think twice, speak once.
2. R W R (Read, Write, Run)…. In that order. Read a lot more, write more and run.

Read a book a week, keep to my 500 words a day and finish 2 marathons this year…. there we go, resolutions done and three letters to remind me throughout the year… R W R.

How is everyone else going with making or breaking resolutions?



  1. Hi David,

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    Just a reminder that we have moved from to You may have been a follower of the old website. We would love to know your thoughts on multitouch ibooks and The Sword of Air in particular. You would also be more than welcome to guest blog at a convenient time for you. Take care. I expect January is a lot less miserable in Australia than here in the UK right now. I am even typing next to my SAD light right now. Take care.

    Rae Madigan (


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