Too Many Fish in the Water? A Writer Saturated Market.


I watched a recent YouTube video with Joanna Penn and her discussing her reading habits. She explains how she predominantly buys and reads eBooks whereas print, she’ll only buy something a little more special something with a greater meaning for her. A comment she made during the video made me wonder about something that often causes me a little anxiety and apprehension about becoming a writer at all. It’s the vast amount of writers out there vs the potential readership one can gain among the crowd.

The first thing I did was look at myself as a reader. I don’t churn through books like some but I get through a book a week with a maximum of four on the go at the same time. My book shelf has a meager 20 books on it but in the past I had many more. As I’ve moved from place to place I cull my collection as they simply take up too much space and are too heavy to cart around. So I buy them and sell them off to second hand book store or donate them where I can. My kindle collection is different. I’ve a couple hundred books on there. Now I only buy books I’ll read. I have pangs of guilt when I grab a book whether it’s free, 99c or anywhere up to $10, and I haven’t read it. I still like the hunt for a good book which is why I browse reviews on Amazon and have become more active on Good Reads in recent times.

Before I ramble on much farther with my uninspiring insight into my reading habits I promise there is a point and the point is that as most of you know if you read this or if this is your first time, I am also a writer. I write fiction but I also read fiction. You got to read a lot and write a lot. Most of us listen to the one of the many Kings of fiction Stephen King himself when he said and wrote that. Whether you’re trying to make it in the industry with fiction, non fiction, poetry, journalism or any other writing endeavor there is a chance you read within that field and spend money there too.

Every writer is a potential reader too. Rather than saying that the market is saturated maybe we should say it’s inhabited by readers and reader/writer hybrids (o:

Let me know how you feel about the current influx of writers given the digitization of the publishing industry?



  1. I wouldn’t worry to much about the saturation of books vs. readers. If you write good stories and market yourself properly the readers will come. Not all writers use editors, beta readers, critique partners, and therefore, their books are filled with pot holes and typos. Many of those authors die off quickly and never write more than a couple of books. These aren’t my thoughts, although I believe every word. I just read a post on The Kill Zone– James Scott Bell’s post– that the more successful authors are the ones who keep cranking out books– not have a year in between releases. He discusses this very subject. It might be worth your while to check it out.

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  2. Hugh Howey had a good post about this very thing last week. After reading it, my advice is don’t be pessimistic about the e-book glut. What’s important is not how many books there are, but how many books in the genre you’re writing into.

    I like to read books with apocalyptic and dystopian themes. Zombies are my fav. So the six million ebooks that will be published into the romance genres this week are entirely unimportant to me. Ditto the 6 million fantasy novels. Now, the guy who likes reading fantasy with a touch of steampunk to it- he could give a flip about all the new zombie books hitting the market.

    It’s the same as it ever was. Write good books. Identify the people who like to read them. Focus on those people like a laser beam. Write good books.

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  3. This is an interesting post. I am not a writer, and am not competing in that market so I’m amazed at the number of would be writers who cry about publishers ignoring them. Or have anxiety because they can’t finish a book, even before submitting a manuscript. Then I’m appalled by some of what gets published: “my foot spent a week in hospital with a cast”. If this were my ambition I would be lost. And yet, how do I signal that fiction is one way I express myself and not my future dream?

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    • There’s definitely more options nowadays with publishing your work. Indie or traditional alike but the market still demands a level of quality or else your writing will fall flat. You can certainly write for writings sake and express yourself, people will read it as there’s always a reader for something but to make writing a career it takes a lot of work, constantly improving on what you have.

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      • Thanks so much. I will definitely look into “improving on writing”. I write two plays a year and have worked as an editor so it seems like the work itself is the polishing. Warm regards, and thanks for your feedback.

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