An Evening with Neil Gaiman #neilgaiman #writer


Last night I attended an Evening with Neil Gaiman in Sydney. I had not read something by Neil in a long long time but thought seeing as he was in town why no go! I wasn’t disappointed. Listening to him read, sing and tell stories was wonderful. You know you are fully immersed in the goings on on stage when you have to physically relax the small muscles around your body.

I had no idea he sang and wrote songs but he does and performed several with a four string quartet called ‘FourPlay‘ who deserve a special mention because they were great as well. FourPlay are a contemporary yet classical four piece and from the performance last night I’ve become a fan.


The stories Neil read came from ‘Trigger Warning’ a collection of essays and short stories. As he read it was amazing to hear his interpretation of each character as well as becoming caught up in the short itself.

Neil and FourPlay gave an eclectic performance of fiction and poetry reading, music, Q & A, stories from his vast career and insight on what it’s like to be the man himself.

If you see him coming to town I would recommend buying a ticket. It’s a treat to see such an amazing talent give you a small window into himself as a true artist.



  1. I’m so glad you got to see Neil Gaiman in Sydney–sounds like it was an amazing night in every way! 🙂 I saw him in “a night with” when he visited Toronto and it was one of the best events I’ve been to 🙂


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