Week One as a Self Published Author


So, it’s been 1 week.
The book is out and I’ve been scratching my brain and wondering how I’m going to put it in front of readers eyes. It’s only when you sit down to market your book do you realize that it is a whole working role in of itself. I did some research before the book and asked other authors for advice so I wasn’t completely blind going into it but it a vast place to be in.

There are so many options both paid and unpaid to look at and here are the one’s I’ve chosen… so far.

Now my book has 5 reviews as this is published which means there are a ton of places that will not even look at my book until gain a few more reviews. The big hitters like book bub turn down really established self published authors so I’ll have to wait a long long while before they’ll consider me but I have found an awesome alternatives.

Buck Books (http://buckbooks.net/): They can be tough to get into now that they are gaining popularity but still a lot more achievable than book bub. They’re list seems to be growing and authors are claiming to have some great success with them. As buck books is still in that initial growth phase they are free to advertise you book through and from an interview with the SPP recently they are looking to build working relationships with authors.

askDavid.com (http://askdavid.com/): Although not an email list service they do seem to tick a lot of boxes when it comes to Twitter marketing. As twitter marketing can been annoying to receive unless you’ve signed up specifically to receive tweets about new books I think it’s best done by a company like askDavid. Some writers though have nailed the twitter marketing themselves… I am not one. The site it cheap to join at $15 USD for 12 months and with the other resources they use I feel it’s a worthwhile investment.

Kboards (http://www.kboards.com/book-discovery-promo/): If you sell you book on Amazon then you should know Kboards, if not then jump on and have a look. It’s a user generated encyclopedia of Amazon Kindle selling, publishing and any topic on indie publishing you can think of. The other awesome thing is that they promote books too. It’s a $20 service and is email list based but the general vibe on writer forums is that they are a great way to promote your book. I have an ad myself with them coming out on the 20th of March so I can fill people in on how it goes.

Anyway before I talk on and on I’ll leave you with those three for now. I do have more but rather than write a colossal post I’ll leave it for the next.

If you have any book promotion strategies or sites you’d like to share please place them in the comments below. Also if you have any ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ experiences.

Anyway, until next time.



  1. Do you follow Nicholas Rossis? His site is filled with ways to promote work, what works, what doesn’t. He is so transparent about the realities of self-publishing, even posted his sales– good and bad months– to show where to put your money. Since you’ve chosen this path you should really follow him. I promise it will be worth your while. Congrats again, David. I’m so happy for you! And please, measure your success not by others but by your personal goals. As writers there are many versions of success, none of which match someone else’s expectations.

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