Wow… haven’t written in 5 months!!

Blank notepad over laptop and coffee cup on office wooden table

So… while checking through my writing after a very long time I realised that it’s been a very long 5 months since I’ve written anything on WriterBabble. The very short synopsis of why is this… life got in the way, laziness ensued and things got pretty crappy but I think the other side of it all is in plain sight.

Anyway, back to writing on here again. I’ve decided to write about my current writing projects specifically and the trial and tribulations that crop up. I’ve learned a lot writing my first book and am finding that there have been changes and new challenges with my writing as a result. This blog is going to be a platform for writing about and discussing those aspects of writing.

Let me know if there is anything that has changed for you and that you’d like to discuss on here. I’d like my posts to highlight topics and spark conversations around those.

So, it’s on again. Version 2.0 minus the lazy with a fresh dose of renewed enthusiasm for writing.

See you in a couple of days (o;



  1. “I’ve learned a lot writing my first book and am finding that there have been changes and new challenges with my writing as a result.”

    I’m in the same boat, just working out how the next volume in the trilogy will benefit from what I learned getting the first one’s writing finished, and all the way to published in ebook and print.

    I’m taking time to think. To organize. I’m wondering what I learned that will carry over to being more efficient both with the writing and with the publishing.

    I still have to do the audiobook – how realistic is it to expect that to go well, and how expensive will that be. I believe in audio – but I’m doing everything myself (read by author), and audio is expensive to do at home – and not necessarily that cheap to do in a studio at $50/hour (which gets you better acoustic, better recording equipment, and a sound engineer).

    I WANT to do audio, but I also want to get to Book 2 – to finish my story.

    I want volumes 2 and 3 sitting next to 1 on my shelf.

    Then I will be done with this project.

    And then there’s marketing, so far a black hole. And a potential time and money sink.

    So I’ll be doing a lot of what you’re doing, and I will look forward to hearing what you’ve learned and how the next project goes.


  2. Get back to writing and be consistent; this is the only way to achieve greatness. Ladies Prism is coming soon to romance the world. Scotian Breeze is the movement. Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the company. History in the making; stay tuned.


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